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Knowledge You Already Possess is Obvious, But Only To You

With an answer to just about every question you can pose a few clicks away, it’s easy to think that everything you know is obvious to everyone else. Please, don’t make that mistake — we need to you teach us.

It’s strange how once you’ve learned something new, it becomes obvious and easy to forget that only moments ago you didn’t have a clue. It’s a common mistake to think that everybody knows it and withhold what you’ve learned.

Some of the best people I know don’t even realize they’re carrying a GPS in their pocket, so they phone me instead. These aren’t stupid people, they just need a gentle reminder.

You’d be surprised at how many things we either have forgotten, repressed or simply never thought about. At times, I’m reminding smart people that they can actually Google a question they need the answer to.

So please, unless you’re thinking about reminding us the sun will rise tomorrow, share what you know, no matter how obvious you might think it is.

I write about personal growth, psychology, leadership, relationships and soft skills at The Neural Grind.

I failed myself

I failed myself, and I need to admit it.

I was seconds away from deleting this blog and everything associated with it, but reactivated it in the final moments before it was too late.

I started this blog as an attempt to write something meaningful, and challenge myself to say something that mattered, often. I put far too much effort into it, and quit because it took too much time. Big mistake. I’m not a writer, and I shouldn’t treat this blog as such.

I should treat it as a space where I can share something I think about, a notion, a prediction, an observation, and do it daily. Take the pressure off. Get back to challenging myself to say something everyday, even if it’s not a mind-blowing thought, but because I’m trying to change my mindset.

I even started spell-checking and googling certain phrases of this small simple post, that’s how bad it is. Another reason to let go and start publishing.

So there it is, and now I’ve made a commitment. Check back tomorrow. There will be spelling mistakes.

I write about personal growth, psychology, leadership, relationships and soft skills at The Neural Grind.

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