When I tell people that I either work with design or music, they often reply: “Oh, you must be very creative!”. I usually tell them designing websites requires less creativity than building a bridge or selling ice cream.

In my view, there’s nothing more creative about writing music or designing a website than working as an engineer, working in sales or as an accountant. These are all creative professions, or at least they should be. Being creative is to me all about how good you are at your job, no matter what you do for a living.

Every job requires you to, often daily, to find solutions to unforeseen problems. That’s where creativity comes in. Writing music is a craft, and anyone can learn that skill without being especially creative. Same goes for every other “creative” profession. However, getting noticed, making people talk about what you do, creating something different that makes a difference, changing the status quo, overcoming obstacles — that requires true creativity and is rare.

I wish we could agree on a new definition of the word “creative”. It’s not the same as being “artistic”. That way, maybe more people would actually focus on learning how to actually be creative and solving problems that need solving.

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