How would you rank your soft skills as a twelve-year-old?  I didn’t even consider being natural around others a skill.

I had no idea I could improve by seeing every social interaction as an opportunity for practice, and stop avoiding every possible chance of awkward moments by keeping my mouth shut.

The Kids Table

If you ever attended a social gathering as a kid that included grown-ups, you probably remember the infamous “kids table”. I know I do.

I remember the feeling of being set aside, denied a glimpse into the grown-ups world by being banished to a smaller table, where other people of small size had to sit next to each other while eating.

The only thing we had in common was the fact that we weren’t adults, and as such had limited experience with small talk. Sparking up conversations with strangers doesn’t usually come naturally for twelve-year-olds, especially when left to their own devices and there’s no playing involved.

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