The other day, I listened to the news just after there had been a bombing raid in Syria. In the following days, the news broadcasts were mostly filled with so-called experts who chimed in on what was going to happen next.

I don’t doubt their expertise, but I seriously doubt they have the ability to predict the future. Yet, every news-channel everywhere in the world are filling airtime with people making predictions.

Are these predictions useful? Do they help us in any way or do they simply instill fear in us, making us spend even more time in fearful listening to try and foresee the unforeseeable future?

I decided it’s not a productive way to spend time listening to fearmongers and experts state what they think is going to happen next. It’s merely my fear that feeds on these opinions. Spend some time catching up on the news, sure — it’s important to have a grasp on what’s going on in the world. But don’t become a fear-ridden news addict that have to listen to every analyst chiming in with their take on the situation. Spend your time making something interesting instead, or making a connection with someone else. The world will be much better off.

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